Hi I'm Andre,

My Design journey began about 15 years ago from a deep desire to tackle problems in a structured way and come up with innovative solutions through design thinking. At the time, I was very interested in the environment - the space around us - so I enrolled in the Landscape design course at the University of Applied Arts, Vienna. There I learned the design thinking approach and how to empathise and understand the problems and work my way up from there to creating innovative concepts.
Then, about 6 years ago, I began to go into UX design, working on a personal project- a social mapping app, mainly teaching myself the workings of the field. I learned a lot during that time and also participated in several different projects, but I wanted a formal education to fill any gaps in my auto-didactic education. So I did the Udemy UX- and Web design online course, took part in the scholarship challenge by Talent Garden and won the full scholarship for the UX Design bootcamp. I completed it and it brought my understanding of design thinking and UX design to a whole new level. It is very rewarding for me to be able to use the tools that I have learned to contribute to meaningful change- in whatever capacity.
After all, we all contribute to our collective human story.
I am proficient in:
Complete design thinking method: Researching- empathising with- and understanding user needs, Ideating possible solutions, Wireframing and Prototyping and finally Testing the results with the Users, followed by Iterating where necessary.
My digital skills include: Figma, Sketch, Adobe XD, Miro, Photo editing & Illustration and relevant text applications.

I am always keen on participating in meaningful and interesting projects!
Feel free to contact me for a free UX audit of your App/website or a general consultation!

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